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Understanding Young People in Australia

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25 Aug, 2023

Understanding Young People in Australia

The phrase "young person" is an important term and different sectors in Australia use to define people falling into a certain age group. Whether it the education sector, the government or any other industry, it is vital for them to understand this demographic to make policies, useful strategies, opportunities and much more. Young Australians are the future of the country and understanding them is key to social, political and economic growth of the country. Thus, here is a complete guide to understanding young people in Australia. It outlines the definition of this demographic, its significance and what are its impact.

What is the Definition of a Young Person in Australia?

Any individual between the age of 12 to 24 years is considered a young Australia. It is an flexible definition and serves as a cornerstone age group. In Australia, a young person is typically defined as an individual aged between 12 and 24 years old. It helps target the right people for youth specific government programs, policies and initiatives to fulfil their unique requirements and help them face certain challenges.

What is the Significance of young people in Australia?

The Australian Government, businesses, communities and other crucial sectors understand that the youth is the backbone of any society. Therefore, the young people in Australia are of great significance. Here are some reasons why they are important.

For Policy Development

For policymakers knowing the specific definition of young persons is essentials to make meaningful and effective policies. They are able to target this demographic better for the evolvement of the country. Young people are essential to develop good policies and allocate resources for their betterment accordingly.

Have an Educated Nation

For the education industry targeting young people is crucial. It thrives by getting more young persons into schools, colleges and universities. They want to create educated individuals with the right training and expertise for skilled labour and also to increase the number of entrepreneurs.

Improve Employment Rates

Knowing who is a young Australia essential to guide them towards appropriate careers. For young Australians, entering the workforce can be both exciting and challenging. Government initiatives like apprenticeships, traineeships, and youth employment services aim to ease this transition. The defined age range allows employment services to focus their efforts on providing the necessary skills and opportunities to young jobseekers.

Improve Mental Health and Well-being

Many young Australian suffer from poor mental well-being brought on by their economic situations, home environment, education and other aspects of their lives. By knowing the right demographic authorities and policymakers can address mental health challenges among young people promotes a healthier, happier society.  

Wrapping Up

Anyone in Australia between the age of 12-24 is considered a young person. Understanding this demographic is crucial for the development of skilled professionals, educated society and many other reasons. They are the backbone of Australia and experts know they are what make a nation. Thus, by knowing and understanding this demographic, its specific needs can be met and solutions to challenges it faces can be reduced for a brighter and inclusive community.    

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