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Facts about Young Australians

Australia’s young population is diverse, woke and vocal. Here are facts that make it unique.

Young Australians Are Facing a Wide Range Of Issues.

These issues are impacting their lives in significant ways. One of the most pressing issues is mental health, with high rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Many young people are struggling to cope with the pressures of modern life, including academic and career expectations, financial stress, and social media pressures.
Another significant issue is unemployment, with many young Australians struggling to find meaningful work and facing significant barriers to entering the workforce. Limited job opportunities in some regions and industries are contributing to high levels of youth unemployment and underemployment, with many young people unable to find work that matches their skills and qualifications. The cost of education is also a major issue for many young Australians, with university fees and student loans creating significant financial stress. Many young people are struggling to afford the cost of education, which is limiting their opportunities for future success and contributing to income inequality. Housing affordability is another significant issue, with high housing costs making it difficult for young people to find affordable accommodation. Many young Australians are living in precarious housing situations, including share houses and rental properties, which can be unstable and insecure. Overall, young Australians are facing a range of complex and interrelated issues that are impacting their lives in significant ways. Addressing these issues will require a coordinated and sustained effort to ensure that young people are able to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.
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How to Help Young Australians?

At Aware Project, we are dedicated to raising awareness about issues young Australians have to tackle every day. Our platform helps educate people and also helps young people in Australia to cope with their problems. Here’s what is necessary to help our youngsters deal with daily challenges.
  • 1.Increased Investment in Mental Health Services

    There needs to be a greater investment in mental health services, particularly for young people, to ensure that those who are struggling with mental health issues have access to appropriate support and care. This could involve the development of new mental health programs and services, as well as increased funding for existing services, such as youth mental health clinics and school-based mental health services.

  • 2.Addressing Unemployment & Underemployment

    To address high levels of youth unemployment and underemployment, there needs to be a greater focus on developing training programs and vocational education pathways that lead to meaningful employment opportunities. This could include partnerships between education providers, industry, and government to develop training programs that are relevant to the needs of the job market.

  • 3.Affordable Housing Options

    To address housing affordability issues, there needs to be a range of affordable housing options available to young people, including social and community housing, rental subsidies, and shared housing models. This could involve partnerships between government, industry, and community organisations to develop innovative solutions that address the unique needs of young people.

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